5 reasons to spend more time in the wild

5 reasons to spend more time in the wild

Nature is Magick!

Spending time in nature is literally medicine for the soul, it is where you can connect with yourself and the earth on a much deeper level. With our busy lifestyles, we often don’t spend enough time slowing down and spending time outside in natural spaces but it really is so important to find the time and here is why:

  1. It improves your mental health

There are so many studies that have shown spending time in nature improves mental health. Researchers have found it lowers depression and anxiety and it can even improve your self esteem and decrease negative emotions! So if you’re feeling low, get outside into a natural space!!

2. Wild plants have amazing magickal properties

Plants just absolutely fascinate me, and the more I spend time in nature the more I learn about new plants I find. There are a lot of plants that are edible and taste amazing (Hello wild garlic!), have medicinal properties, and can be used for magickal purposes in your meditation rituals.

3. For spiritual practice

Spending time outside in nature is much like meditating, it has a therapeutic effect. It helps you to feel present in the moment, allowing you to forget about anything that is going on in your own life. Just take in all the beauty and breathe!

4. It inspires creativity

With all the different colours, sounds, sights and smells, spending time in the wild can really get your creative juices flowing. So if you’re having a bit of a mind blank, get out there and get inspired!

5. Nature is healing

Spending time forest bathing actually improves your blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels! It can also boost your immune system reducing your chances of getting an auto-immune disease. As we know, getting you daily dose of Vitamin D from the sunshine is also very beneficial!

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