How Lunar & Wild began

Hi guys, I’m Steph, and I founded Lunar and Wild last year. I feel the moon really strongly and love celebrating her phases. The universe amazes and inspires me every day and over the last year in particular I’ve found great solace in meditation and practising moon rituals. I would love to share these magickal experiences with you! The products I create here are intended to work beautifully alongside your meditations, your manifestation rituals, your yoga sessions or even when you just need a moment to yourself.


With great love for the universe also comes a great love for the earth and the environment, and so I’ve focused a lot on sourcing ethical and eco-friendly ingredients as well as making sure that all products are packaged and sent plastic free. I will always strive to be mindful of nature with Lunar and Wild and keep up with any possible improvements. The integrity of my business is so important to me.


I really hope you manifest all your dreams, hopes and desires and would love Lunar and Wild to be part of your journey.

Thank you so much for your love and support for my little shop - this is one of my dreams coming true.


All my love and gratitude,