🌟 Whats Included in The Coven Membership?

🔮 Like-Minded Sisterhood: Connect with kindred spirits who understand and celebrate your journey, united by shared interests, beliefs, and aspirations.

🔮 Sanctuary: Enter our nurturing private circle away from social media, where women find solace, support, and empowerment on their journey of healing and growth.

🔮 Monthly live sessions: 5 one-hour sessions, including 2 Moon Ceremonies, 1 Spellcrafting Workshop, 1 Guest Workshop, and Divination Hour.

🔮 Seasonal live sessions: Foraging For Witchcraft and Wheel of the Year rituals.

🔮 Past Portal: A year's worth of recorded workshops for you to catch up on.

🔮 Arcana: New to the coven - we are building a resources area where you'll find workbooks, meditations, astrology updates and more...

🔮 A Private Coven shop & special discounts for the apothecary.

🔮 First access to in-person retreats for immersive experiences.

Membership Price: Only £24.99 p/m! Cancel Anytime!

Join Us
  • Moon Ceremonies

    Join us monthly to harness New and Full Moon energies for deep transformation. Under the New Moon's glow, set intentions; release under the Full Moon's radiance. Guided by Lunar Witch Stephanie Wild, these sessions bring profound inner growth, leaving members uplifted and aligned. Step into lunar magick and discover enlightening self-discovery.

  • Spellcrafting Workshop

    Step into magick with our enchanting Spellcrafting Workshop! Explore the ancient art of spellcasting with experienced practitioner Toni Coe. Learn to harness intention, symbolism, and energy for your goals. Whether seeking love, abundance, healing, or protection, awaken your innate magick with us.

  • Divination Hour

    Join us monthly for an enchanting live session with skilled practitioner Leonie Maria Oracle. Receive personalized mini card readings illuminating your path with insightful guidance. Explore matters of heart, mind, and spirit in our sacred Divination Hour. Experience the magic of divination and embrace cosmic wisdom with us.

  • Wheel of The Year Rituals

    Join our captivating Wheel of the Year Rituals, celebrating nature's sacred cycle with reverence and joy. Guided by Toni Coe, connect deeply with earth's energies from Beltane blooms to Samhain's mystical harvest. Each ritual honours life's cycles, blending ancient wisdom with modern practices. Find harmony in nature's embrace, weaving magick and connection with us.

  • Foraging For Witchcraft

    Step into the enchanting world of seasonal foraging with expert Megan Kinsey's guidance. Discover nature's treasures for witchcraft, from cleansing herbs to love spell flowers. Learn ethical gathering and intention infusion for rituals. Leave with recipes and spellcrafting techniques to amplify your magickal practice. Join us on this enchanting journey of connecting to the magick of wild plants.

  • Guest Workshops

    Dive into the diverse realms of witchcraft with our monthly guest workshops! Each month, experts share wisdom on topics from tea leaf reading to energy awakening through dance. Explore history, traditions, and transformative practices together. Join our dynamic community to deepen your understanding and enhance your practice, whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your journey.

Embark on a journey of discovery and empowerment with us. Join our enchanting community and unlock the secrets of witchcraft. Don't miss out on our amazing workshops & events—embrace the magick and join us today!

Your Magickal Hosts

Steph | Lunar & Wild Founder

Steph founded Lunar & Wild in 2020 , offering beautifully crafted candles to help others invite self-care rituals into their lives and reconnect with themselves spiritually. Fastforward to 2023 with the launch of the Lunar & Wild Coven in January where she now hosts the monthly moon circles and absolutely loves welcoming and connecting with other women in the coven.

Toni | Ritual Architect

Our Wheel of the Year rituals are held by Toni, a composer of group based ceremonies and a ritual architect, with a keen interest in transformational healing through the practice of witchcraft and by working with plant allies.

The aim of this work is to help deepen our interconnectedness with nature and its changing seasons and help guide others in their rediscovery of what they hold sacred.

Megan | Foraging For Witchcraft

Megan hosts our monthly foraging for witchcraft workshops. She is a forager, wild food expert and witch that uses wild plants, herbs and fungi in her practices and day to day life. Megan has been foraging her whole life, learning from her grandparents and the world around her. She draws upon her long family history of witches and foraging skills to incorporate the two ancient practices into wild magic.

Leonie Maria | Divination Hour

Leonie drops into the coven each month and does live oracle and tarot readings for our lovely coven members. Leonie is an amazing intuitive card reader who is currently on a journey to develop her mediumship skills.


Where is the Coven Hosted?

The Coven is hosted on our very own private platform, Circle Communities - You will find everything you need here.

All workshops, circles and rituals are hosted via zoom and our Divination Hour is hosted within the Circle Platform.

I'm not from the UK, can I join?

You are very welcome to join if you are not from the UK. Please bear in mind that all live workshops, circles and rituals are hosted GMT. Any free coven gifts will be subject to postage & customs fees for anyone outside the UK.

What if I can't attend live?

Most of our coven workshops and circles will be recorded and uploaded to our Circle Community Platform under 'Past Portal'. Due to the spiritual nature, some rituals may not be recorded.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your coven membership at any point but please note that any payments that have been made are non-refundable so please cancel as soon as possible before your next payment is taken.

Are there terms and conditions?

Yes, you can view them here

  • Emily

    "I could not speak any higher if I tried. A beautiful, loving, caring
    sisterhood, right from day one. Wonderful energies, I'm so honoured to be a part of it."

  • Evie

    "Thank you, Steph, for providing such a wonderful space for us to support each other. I signed up to the Coven without any expectations, and have never looked back. I look forward to our monthly sessions and rituals, and feel entirely capable of being my true self without judgement."

  • Lizzy

    "This is a very loving, nuturing and special community. It is a true blessing to have found these incredible and inspiring women. It is exactly what I have been searching for. This community, hosted by Steph, is a true, safe space to share craft knowledge, share in rituals, participate in workshops, learn foraging for witchcraft and to just come together. It is an honour to be a part of this coven."

  • Veronica

    "I joined at the start and I've been blown away by the amount of love and support Steph & the Coven has given me. Being a Hedgewitch I've always practiced alone but found I was lacking inspiration, and neglecting my witchy duties . I tentatively joined the Coven and the witch in me has been unleashed! I can't wait for the next Zoom gathering & workshops . I've learnt so much, and remembered more. The Coven is such a lovely social space for you to dip your toes in and lurk (like me) or dive right in, share and inspire. There's no pressure, no judgements. There is so much care, love and inspiration in this Coven, I'm so glad to be a Sister."

  • Rebecca

    "I’m blown away by how much value this group has given me so far. The love Steph has poured into this is truly outstanding 💛
    If you are looking for a group of badass crystal smuggling - book loving - wonderfully creative women of all levels and backgrounds that are loving, funny, warm and supportive, that make you feel seen and heard and that will fill your diary up with amazing events, workshops and get togethers… this is your sign! ✨💛✨"

  • Toni

    "I'm so happy to have found this group of women, facilitated by Steph. A warm, kind group of women across the UK with the common interest in developing our craft and growing with each other. Real value for your money - A book club, regular workshops, foraging tips with kitchen witchery, journal prompts and much more."