What wax do you use?

I use coconut and rapeseed wax as it is vegan, sustainable and is low-tox. It has no other ingredients in it to make the wax perform better.


Are your products vegan friendly? 

Yes, all of our products are made from vegan and cruelty free ingredients and we use a vegan printing company to ensure all inks and glues are not derived from animals. 


Where do you source your crystals from?

I really wanted to find a trusted supplier that sources all crystals ethically and responsibly and I’m so grateful to have found one that works very closely with some of the smaller mines and families to ensure safety and ethical working practices. I love the fact that they consistently review their suppliers to ensure they are ethical.


Why do you use Essential Oils over Fragrance Oils?

I use Essential Oils rather than Fragrance Oils as they’re non-toxic, natural, and derived 100% from plants! They’re not as strong as Fragrance Oils in candles but give off a lighter natural scent.


Where are your petals sourced from?

The petals within the wax melts are all from native British wildflowers grown locally here in the UK.


Do you ship Plastic Free?

Yes, all products are packaged completely plastic free before shipping to you.


Are your products handmade?

Yes, all products are hand-poured and made with love and gratitude in Surrey, UK.


Do you ship internationally?

Currently, I only ship within the UK, although I am looking into shipping internationally.