Charging Crystals & Water Under a Full Moon

Each Phase of the moon comes with its own particular set of energies. 

The Full Moon has full power, meaning the light from the sun is reflected to us from the surface of the moon bringing powerful energy of cleansing and recharging. The Full Moon brings light to all of the shadowy places and the places we need to acknowledge, that can be our accomplishments. 

In this phase, we can have heightened emotions, energy, activity. This can look different for everyone.

You’re probably reading this because you want to know how to harness the energy of the Full Moon to charge your crystals and moon water. Throughout history, crystals have stored energy from the environment, little pieces of earth that carry their own tangible energy. They can be used for; healing, meditation, chakra work, manifesting, spell work, and just about anything that feels right for you.

From time to time, if your crystals have been used in a group or your own personal work, they need to be cleansed and recharged. Your crystals are most effective when they are in their natural state or aligned with your energy. This is especially important if you’re working with your crystals often, their energy can become clogged. 

Important note

Not all crystals like to be cleansed and charged with water. Fire Opal, Moonstone, selenite, and nearly any crystal that ends in “ite” doesn’t go well with water, other methods of cleansing may be required. 

Crystal Cleansing: 

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals; smoke cleansing, other crystals, meditation, moonlight, and more. 

Moonlight, when possible, is my cleansing means of choice:

  • The day before the Full Moon when the energy isn’t at its peak, place crystals into water. 

  • A glass or safe wood bowl will do.

  • The water should be the purest form available to you. This could be a fresh spring, ocean, or filtered water of some kind. 

  • From here you can place cleansing or healing herbs and essential oils into the cleansing water. 

  • At which point you can chant or recite anything you desire.

  • Set out to dry before the full moon. 

Two Ways to Charge Crystals in the Full Moon’s Light:

  1. Create a Sacred Space.

This could be the window sill that you have the most moonlight shine through, it could be your working alter, outdoors, or wherever feels good to you.

  • Set up a crystal grid or line them up in a way that serves you. This is a good time to chant, meditate or visualize over your crystals. 

  • Charging your crystals in the moonlight can give them a delicate increase in energy that is divinely feminine, this is great for healing, introspection, and any life change or transition. 

  • It is important to retrieve your crystals before dawn the next morning. 

2. Crystal Charging in Water.

Water has traveled to many environments, beings; holding energy and pieces of the earth, like vitamins and minerals. When charged by the Full Moon, water can be very useful for things like manifesting to making artwork, even cleaning, healing work, and so much more. With water, you are charging both your crystals and water. 

In this application, it’s important to note what crystals shouldn’t go into the water. 

  • A glass or wood bowl would be ideal because they are less likely to adulterate the water or crystals.

  • Fill with the purest form of water available. 

  • Place your crystals inside. Like cleansing crystals, you can add botanicals or essential oils you like. 

Wild Orange essential oil or orange rind for abundance. 

Rose for Love or protection. 

Rosemary for clarity or transition. 

Copaiba for your unveiling and shadow work. 

Add nothing but water if you like. 

The fun of this particular way of charging crystals is that there is a bit more creative freedom and allowance to make magic in a way that suits your life, current situation, or desires. 


Set the bowl of water, crystals, and whatever else you desire, in the moonlight. This could be near a moon lite window or outside, wherever works best or feels best for you. 

Retrieve bowl and contents before dawn.

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