Moon Magick: Working With The Energies of the New Moon and Full Moon

Moon Magick: Working With The Energies of the New Moon and Full Moon

The moon stands as a magickal force, influencing the rhythms of our lives. Working with the energies of the moon can be a transformative practice. This blog focuses on working specifically with the energies of the New Moon and Full Moon with a ritual suggestion.

The New Moon: Setting Intentions

The New Moon is all about new beginnings, providing you with a cosmic blank canvas to jot down your intentions for the next cycle. It's time to set aside a sacred moment to immerse yourself in this energy. Find a tranquil space, allow yourself to meditate, and visualise the goals you aspire to achieve. Now is the opportunity to sow the seeds of your deepest desires, creating a foundation for growth and manifestation in the lunar cycle ahead.

Ritual Suggestion: New Moon Journaling

Grab a pen as the New Moon approaches. Reflect on aspirations, dreams, and areas for transformation. Write down intentions, infusing each word with manifestation energy. Keep this journal as a reminder of your lunar cycle journey.

The Full Moon: Illuminating Truth and Releasing What No Longer Serves You

The Full Moon is a time of culmination and realisation, where the moon illuminates not only the world around us but also the landscapes within. This powerful phase invites introspection into the depths of our emotional realms. As the moon reaches its fullest, embrace the opportunity to release what no longer serves you. Stand beneath its radiant glow and let go, allowing the transformative energy of the Full Moon to cleanse, purify, and guide you towards renewal.

Ritual Suggestion: Full Moon Release Ceremony

Engage in a release ceremony under the Full Moon. Write down what you wish to let go of and burn it symbolically. Let the Full Moon's energy carry away hindrances to your growth.

Deepening Your Connection To The Moon

Moon magick offers a framework for self-discovery and intentional living. By attuning to the New Moon and Full Moon cycles, you unlock potential for transformation. By aligning your intentions with the zodiac sign of each moon phase, you can deepen your understanding of the specific energies at play and tailor your rituals and practices accordingly.

For example if the Moon lands in Cancer, we would focus on home, family, and emotional well-being. 

If you're drawn to the enchanting energies of the moon and want to work with them on a deeper level, consider joining our coven membership. We host monthly New & Full Moon Ceremonies via Zoom, providing a safe space for self reflection and connection. 

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