Sowing Wildflower Seeds For Bees

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Wildflowers are such a beautiful way of adding some colour to your garden but the most important thing about them is that they are a vital food source for bees and pollinators and provide a year round habitat for local wildlife.
Wildflower seeds can be sewn throughout the year with bloom usually taking place after 60-80 days, the best time to do it is a fine spring or autumn day.
Step One: Remove all grass, plants, flora and weeds in your chosen area (Make sure there is plenty of sunlight in this area)
Step Two: Dig over the soil and make sure theres no large stones, firm down and rake over to create a level seed bed.
Step Three: Scatter your seeds over the area evenly by hand.
Step Four: Rake the area gently again to just cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil.
Step Five: Water the area gently being very careful not to wash your seeds away.
You can purchase seeds from local garden centres or even in your local supermarket but we also include a heart containing wildflower seeds with most of our orders, so look out for them! 

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