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Samhain Retreat: 26th October 2024

Samhain Retreat: 26th October 2024

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🌙 Lunar & Wild's Samhain Witchcraft Retreat: A Journey of Renewal and Connection 🍂

Step into the mystical embrace of Samhain at Lunar & Wild's enchanting retreat, nestled within the serene Orangery & Coach House on the grounds of a majestic stately home in the Midlands. Amidst the whispering trees and ancient energies, immerse yourself in a restorative escape, perfect for reconnecting with the rhythms of nature and honouring the sacred cycle of life and death.

🔥 Ritual Smoke Cleanse: Begin your journey with a cleansing ritual, as fragrant smoke purifies the space and prepares your spirit for the magick to come. Release that which no longer serves you and invite in the transformative energies of the season.

🌿 Spellcrafting Handmade Incense: Delve into the art of spellcrafting as you craft your own bespoke incense blends, infusing them with intentions and energies aligned with the potent energies of Samhain. Let your creativity and intuition guide you as you weave magic into tangible form.

🌑 Lunar Journalling & Lunar Magick: Embrace the deep wisdom of the moon as you embark on a journey of lunar journalling. Explore the mysteries of the lunar phases and their connection to your inner landscape, as you uncover hidden truths and insights illuminated by the moon's gentle glow.

👻 Ancestral Guided Meditation: Journey into the realm of the ancestors with a guided meditation, honouring the wisdom and guidance of those who came before us. Connect with your ancestral lineage and receive messages of love, support, and healing from the spirits of your bloodline.

🎶 Sound Healing with Singing Bowls and Voice: Bathe in the soothing vibrations of sound healing as you are serenaded by the ethereal tones of singing bowls and the haunting beauty of vocal harmonies. Allow the healing frequencies to permeate your being, restoring balance and harmony on every level.

🐍 Serpent Dancing: Awaken your primal instincts and embrace the serpentine energy of transformation with a mesmerising serpent dance. Allow your body to flow and undulate like the serpent, shedding old skin and embracing new beginnings as you dance under the moonlit sky.

🌳 Silent Night Walk: Experience the profound connection with nature as you embark on a silent night walk within the woods on the grounds. Let the whispers of the trees and the rustle of leaves guide you into a deeper state of presence and awareness, allowing you to attune to the magick of the nocturnal animals and night spirits.

Indulge in a delicious feast for both lunch and dinner, included as part of this enchanting retreat. Savour the flavours of seasonal delights as you nourish your body and soul.

Join us for our biggest event and retreat of the year, a celebration of our beautiful coven on the most sacred witch celebration of the year, Samhain. 



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